About SunBridge GV


With "the cultivation of global venture companies originating in Japan" as its fundamental vision, SunBridge Global Ventures was established in January 2012, spinning off the investment operations of SunBridge.

More than a decade has passed since the Internet bubble that took Shibuya—the Tokyo equivalent of Silicon Valley—by storm.
Because the financial hurdle that new businesses face is decreased by "three major tides"—smartphones, social media and cloud computing—and thanks to the development environment and the global sale channels being well maintained, there is a new movement occurring within Internet-related businesses.

In addition, there is a new generation of young entrepreneurs aiming at developing businesses on a global scale.

Based on these market changes, we at SunBridge Global Ventures support young entrepreneurs seamlessly challenging the world market, by providing them vital know-how and seed money—which we cultivated in investment and consultancy activities of the past ten years—making use of three bases in Silicon Valley & San Francisco, Tokyo and Osaka.

We create global innovation, and conduct the development of new businesses that generate "courage and confidence" and "hope" to society.