Below is a brief chronicling of the history of SunBridge Global Ventures.
※The activities until and including 2011 are those of SunBridge, Inc.'s venture support operations.

February 2012 Established a new base as an administration cooperation company in Startup Base Camp (Akasaka DS Building) run by Cyber Agent Ventures Co., Ltd.
January 2012 Let venture support business become independent by business division and established Sun Bridge Global Ventures Co., Ltd.
August 2011 Hosted "jannovation week", a Silicon Valley tour event promoting and accelerating global expansion of Japanese venture companies.
June 2011 Established Sun Bridge Start-up LLP, the investment parent organization for seed ventures.
May 2011 Started to hold the recurring event "Innovation Weekend", a platform for discovering promising venture businesses and providing seed money, together with Venture Now, Inc.
December 2010 Applied the name "Global Venture Habitat" to the incubation facilities in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Osaka.
November 2010 Bill moved to JR Ebisu, Shibuya-Sun Bridge Corporation headquarters, resume business incubation
Opened an office in Osaka Umeda Hankyu Building's new

Global Venture Habitat Osaka

April 2010 Opened the Japan Pavilion within the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, USA.
Prior to 2009
April 2007 Portfolio company ITmedia, Inc. was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
June 2006 Portfolio company OKWave was listed on NSE Centrex.
July 2005 Portfolio company GaiaX Co., Ltd. was listed on NSE Centrex.
October 2004 Subsidiary SunBridge Partners, Inc. in Silicon Valley, United States, was established.
August 2004 Portfolio company Shicoh Giken Co., Ltd. was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
June 2004 Portfolio company salesforce.com, Inc. (US) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
January 2004 Portfolio company MACROMILL, Inc. was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
December 2003 Relocated our headquarters to Ebisu Business Tower in Shibuya Ward.
May 2003 Held the event "Style2003" sponsored by NPO corporation ETIC. in the Venture Habitat.
February 2003 Held "Habitat Week", a collaboration project of the Venture Habitat and Tama University Renaissance Renter.
October 2002 Portfolio company G-mode Co.,Ltd. was listed on JASDAQ.
September 2002 Held the venture gathering "Shibuya Venture Habitat Exchange Party" in the Venture Habitat.
October 2001 Established the Tama University Renaissance Center (adult education center) in the Venture Habitat.
March 2001 Opened the Ireland Trade & Technology Center in the Venture Habitat.
April 2000 Opened the SunBridge Venture Habitat on the 17th floor of Shibuya Mark City.

The Venture Habitat of the Shibuya Mark City days

December 1999 Established SunBridge, Inc.