Below is an introduction of the leadership team of SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.

Chairman, Allen Miner

Chairman and Group CEO of SunBridge, Inc.
Founder of SunBridge Group.
First generation representative of Oracle Japan.

Mr. Miner was born in 1961 in Utah, United States. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1986, he joined Oracle Corporation in the United States. From 1987 he assisted in the launch of Oracle Japan as its first representative and laid the foundation for growth of record-setting magnitude. Even after that he continued taking an active part in the management of Oracle Corporation's headquarters in the United States.
As the representative director of SunBridge which was established in 1999 solely on Mr. Miner's own funding, he invested in venture businesses such as IT Media, Salesforce.com, OKWave, Gaia X, Macromill and G-mode, and undertook IPO's for no less than seven companies. He has invested in over 55 venture businesses thus far, making him an active contributor to the discovery and development of new businesses and industries.

In 2007, he was included in Forbes Magazine's Midas list as a venture capitalist considered to have made remarkable contributions to the value growth of venture businesses in Japan. Furthermore, he was a founding member of the Japan Venture Capital Association and currently serves as its adviser.
In February 2011, he participated as a U.S. representative in a roundtable discussion part of "U.S.-Japan Dialogue to Promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation", an event hosted at Stanford University by the U.S. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and JETRO.
His publications include "I'm Betting on Japan" (Shoeisha, 2001), and a contribution to "Reimagining Japan: The Quest for a Future That Works" (VIZ Media LLC, 2011).

President & CEO, Ikuo Hiraishi

Mr. Hiraishi was born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1963.
Upon graduating from university, he started a business in 1991, previously having worked at consulting firms and foreign-owned advertising companies. He has been involved in Internet-related business since the late 1990s and participated in the planning and setup of Web crew Co., Ltd., whose automobile insurance price comparison site became a hit and was later listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers. In 2003, he founded and became the president and representative director of Interscope, Inc. (Internet research company), which was sold off to Yahoo! Japan in 2007, and later merged with Macromill in 2010 In 2002, he co-launched an Internet research society assuming the position of chairman; a field he has made great contributions to assuming the position of chairman; a field he has made great contributions to.
In March 2011, he assumed the position of Tokyo officer of SunBridge Global Venture Habitat, and in May of the same year, in cooperation with Mr. Takeuchi of Venture Now, he launched "Innovation Weekend", a networking platform for early stage start-ups and angel investors.
In January of 2012, he established SunBridge Global Ventures, Inc. and became its president & CEO (current position). In addition, he presently serves as associate professor at Hosei University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA), and outside director of venture businesses.
Firmly maintaining his foundational vision of "producing 'global challengers' who create 'global innovations' that inspire 'courage and confidence' and give 'hope' to society", he conducts his work with strong professional vigor.

Hitoshi Kawanabe, Director in charge of Silicon Valley Office

Vice President, SunBridge Global Principal, SunBridge Partners
Residing in Silicon Valley.

After having worked in Asia, Europe and America doing Internet and software R&D for a major domestic software vendor and Oracle Corporation in the united States, Mr. Kawanabe engaged in product development for a start-up in Silicon Valley. In 2009 he joined SunBridge America, and together with Allen Miner he established the Global Venture Habitat in Silicon Valley to function as a support platform for Japanese venture businesses wanting to enter the American market. In 2011, he established SunBridge Startups LLP, a body investing in seed-stage Japanese venture businesses, where he has been working since January 2012.

Yutaka Miyano, Director (part-time)

Cloud Consulting Group, SunBridge Inc.

After having engaged in duties as DB engineer, Mr. Miyano joined Oracle Corporation Japan as the 21st employee in 1991, where he stayed until the number of employees exceeded 1,000, experiencing rapid venture growth. Making use of his experience, helped with the flotation of the IT-related venture company of his friend and also established a company. He was engaged in Sun Bridge establishment by a request of the Allen Miner, a compatriot of Oracle Corporation Japan in 1999. He later became the operational manager of the incubation facility "SunBridge Venture Habitat" which was established in Shibuya Mark City in 2000. Ever since that, he has been a member of SunBridge, and currently serves as director of SunBridge Global Ventures, Inc.

Akira Kitamura, Director (part-time)

CEO, Japan Venture Research Co., Ltd.,

Involved in the development of mainframes as a system engineer at Hitachi, and later employed at IBM Japan for 13 years, Mr. Kitamura has an abundance of experience in project management, business and advising. He participated in the setup of Oracle Corporation Japan from 1991, where he was in charge of product development and OEM operations both domestically and internationally.
He established Japan Gupta (now known as E-SYSTEM CORPORATION listed on the Nippon New Market Hercules) in 1994, and founded Salesforce.com, inc. in 2000. He served as president for both companies, and contributed to CRM market expansion and the emergence of cloud services.
Making use of past experiences of venture setup, business revitalization and IPO, he holds posts as board of directors spokesperson of non-profit organization Japan Venture Research, representative of Japan Venture Research, Inc. while currently serving as director of SunBridge.