Investment Policy

Below is the investment policy of SunBridge Global Ventures.

Investment Policy

We promote the discovery and cultivation of global ventures originating in Japan based on the following three themes.

Go Global!

We set up our incubation offices in three locations—Silicon Valley & San Francisco, Tokyo and Osaka—and built a system to support young entrepreneurs seamlessly challenging the border-less global market.

with Global Cloud Company

We maintain close relationships with global cloud platform companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, which helped us in the expansion of, for instance.

Innovation Weekend Winners

Via our event "Innovation Weekend", a platform for networking with angel sponsors cosponsored with Venture Now, we discover and help develop promising new business ideas.

Investment Entities

We invest mainly in startups who intend to develop business globally in the IT-related field in the angel round (in principle 5 to 10 million yen per one company) through “SunBridge Startups Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)” which SunBridge-related persons invested and established in June 2011.