jannovation week

SunBridge Global Ventures holds a fulfilling one-week tour to provide Japanese entrepreneurs with an opportunity to develop a global vision by experiencing the atmosphere of Silicon Valley, a mecca for venture businesses. The tour includes lectures from Stanford University, actual Silicon Valley entrepreneurs sharing their experience, and sessions with VCs and lawyers.

On the last day of the tour, we offer a chance to give a presentation in English in front of an audience exceeding 300 people at the Pitch Contest, which is held at the world-famous Plug and Play Tech Center.

We deliver a message to the world by showcasing the innovation and creativity of Japanese entrepreneurs to the people and media of Silicon Valley. We believe it backs up the expansion of Japanese venture businesses.

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jannovation spring
special site jannovation spring is here

jannovation week 2011 (Tanabata 2011 Festival of Hope) Newsletter file (PDF) English official site is here

jannovaion week 2010 (Tanabata Festival of Dreams)